Amy Scott-Pillow and Moylin Chong

Amy Scott-Pillow / Moylin Chong, Friday 17th January – Sunday 15th March 2020

Following on from Keith’s work, two emerging artists from Hampshire have been asked to make work that explores the theme for 2019 / 2020, GHT: Beside the Sea.

Amy Scott-Pillow recreates spaces associated with her family history. Her great grandfather worked as a coach trimmer for P&O Cruises, furnishing the lavish ballrooms of cruise ships leaving from the Port of Southampton. Using archival and promotional photography as a reference point, Amy will recreate objects from the ships’ ballrooms with the aim of exploring the line between the tradesmen who built these grandiose interiors and the passengers who would have immersed themselves in the luxurious social surroundings.

Moylin Chong’s sculptures are forged from natural materials, which she collects from the waterfront of Southampton. The works pay homage to our ancestors who believed in deities and guardians which protected the land and coast, creating stories about them for the next generation. Over the centuries the different nationalities that would have arrived by sea to trade on the shores of the Solent would have brought their own additional folklore, and shared artefacts from a similar intangible cultural heritage.

Workshops with Amy 

Workshops with Moylin