Make & Create

Led by local emerging artists, the Make & Create workshop series is inspired by the them, GHT: Beside the Sea. While GHT is closed temporarily due to Covid-19, a series of taster sessions will be available as YouTube videos on the GHT YouTube site.

Week 1 – Natural Dyes with Alex Sutherland. Available now

“For this digital workshop, I’ll be using blueberries to create a deep purple dye and turmeric to create a vivid yellow. This is a great chance to get creative with any plain clothing you may have, by making use of ingredients you may have at home.

Please note that the dyeing process we will be using does not contain a mordant (a chemical binding agent to set dye into the fabric), meaning the natural colours may fade after washing.
If you wish to add a mordant you can browse online, substances such as Alum or Copper sulphate are available to purchase (please ensure you follow safety guidelines when using such substances).

Other than that, all ingredients used can be found in your local shop or at home!”

Week 2 – with Ashleigh Turner. Available now

Ashleigh’s workshop prompts us to consider our homes as defensive towers, protecting ourselves and our loved ones as God’s House Tower served to protect the people of Southampton in medieval times.

“Given that most of us are having to stay home to protect ourselves and our loved ones at the moment, I think now more than ever it is relevant to think about how our homes protects us and what ‘home’ means to us.

“In this workshop I hope to get everyone to make small fortresses that represent their homes or what home means to them.

“They can be fictional homes, based on real homes or the wider abstract concept of ‘home’, but by the end of these workshops I look forwarding to seeing a village of varying homes.”

Week 3 – with Annette Warner. Available now

Download Annette’s worksheet HERE

“This digital workshop allows participants to recreate the stones of GHT in the comfort of their own home, using only paper, scissors and glue.

In creating a 3D virtual replica of a rock from the walls of Gods House Tower, the workshop aims to encourage reflection on the ways that technology helps us to see in new ways and understand our surroundings through new lenses of representation.

In creating a fragile model of stone that has survived 700 years of life, the net models allow us to consider the influence of structure and materiality that builds up our understanding of the world is around us.”


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