Arches Open Studios 2019
'Ripe' is a new project for emerging artists, with exhibition and event space in a disused shopping centre.
Ripe at Old Northam Road
The Hidden Wardrobe is a residency programme for graduates in a row of abandoned shops
Svetlana Ochkovskaya performs at the Alfred Arcade
'a space' arts has 20 years' experience of bringing heritage venues back to life with art
A model map of Southampton in 1620 has been restored as part of the GHT project and will be an integral part of the Tower exhibition


At ‘a space’ we are passionate about supporting artists, and bringing Southampton’s incredible history to life. Since 2000 we have been reanimating lost buildings across the city with art – from our first gallery in the former antiques quarter on Old Northam Road in 2000, to the Bargate Monument Gallery, which hosted dozens of exhibitions in the city’s most important historical landmark between 2006 and 2012.

GHT is our most ambitious project to date and we hope its latest reincarnation will become a catalyst in the regeneration of Southampton’s historically important Old Town.

Our exhibitions have been carefully curated to draw out the most fascinating aspects of GHT’s history, and the building’s place within the social, political and physical landscape, not only of Southampton, but of England’s historic South Coast.

From its medieval inception as a strategic point of defence, as a place of refuge for pilgrims, as the town jail, mortuary, mill and warehouse, as Southampton’s Museum of Archaeology, and now as a cutting edge arts and heritage venue, we are thrilled to be able to gift this incredible building back to the public.


Dan Crow, director, ‘a space’ arts

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Daniel Crow, director of 'a space' arts at God's House Tower on Town Quay Road, Southampton.