Two new exhibitions in the Crawford Room

We’re excited to announce two new exhibitions in the stunning Crawford Room.

Transition II continues the story of how God’s House Tower was repaired, renovated and repurposed to become Southampton’s new arts and heritage venue in 2019. Photographic documentation, taken by staff at ‘a space’ arts, is exhibited around the building, showing how the building has changed from construction site to contemporary arts and heritage venue. Why not take a walk round GHT and see how much the building has changed. This phase of Transition includes new pieces of commissioned artwork by Solent University graduate Kane Applegate, who was commissioned to make work for the first phase of Transition during the GHT launch last year.

BLEACHED comes to GHT on March 28th. This exhibition is a collaboration between artists from Vulgar Earth and scientists at the University of Southampton.

The extraordinary beauty of fluorescing coral colours may not be a sign of health but a distress call, a last defence against environmental changes, that can lead to death and bleaching. In an immersive and interactive preview exhibition, artists from the Vulgar Earth Collective join with scientists from the Coral Reef Lab at the University of Southampton to show what we are learning from coral, the jeopardy they are in and where we may find ourselves without them.

The exhibition is an other-worldly experience of immersion into the exquisitely balanced lives, forms and ecosystems of our coral reefs. In a light controlled gallery, living and bleached coral samples are found alongside traditional, contemporary and digital artworks. Visitors are invited to contribute to the “calls from the reef” wall with their thoughts, messages and poetry, as well as interactive and educational activities running alongside in the cafe area.

March 28th – April 9th

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