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Taking inspiration from GHT’s dark secrets and hidden histories, this bespoke range of merchandise has been designed by Southampton artists and is yet another dimension to this incredible new venue.

Dark Histories range

Check out the stunning range of postcards and prints by Solent University graduate Diana Dagadita. The Dark Histories range is inspired by GHT’s prison period – the real life crimes of those held captive in the 18th century God’s House gaol inspired Diana’s beautiful range of lino-cuts. Speaking about the “dream commission,” Diana said: “Some of the illustrations required were rather common items, so I had a  solid idea of what they would look like from the start – that was the easy part. Then I used my old pair of boots as inspiration, Pinterest for the old bottles and stagecoach, a 19th century map, photos of 19th century fortune tellers whose hands inspired me (then used my own as model), and I repurposed an old bread illustration I had.

There were some challenges in trying to depict the illegitimate relationship between Sarah Robinson and James Fox (the two crossed roses with a third bud – their baby). Even the shawl illustration went through a few stages before it found its place on the lady’s shoulders.” Diana’s illustrations were initially commissioned to illustrate the cell doors in Stories Behind the Stones, but we liked them so much we thought they deserved a range of their own.

The Gunners

Have you ever seen the BBC’s Upstart Crow? If so you might recognise the illustrations at the start of the programme. They are by Martin Davey, the same Southampton artist who has produced The GHT Gunners range. You can find Martin’s illustrations on a selection of pin badges and sticker sets. The real lives of these gunners – Deryk Berebrewer, Peter Breme, Richard Netley and Henry Peach – are also brought to life on the second floor of the Tower in tapestry and animation. The incredible details of the gunners’ lives were unearthed by historian Dr Cheryl Butler. Martin also produced the map of Southampton in 1620 that you can see on the roof of the Tower, and the illustrations on the Tower windows. They’re lovely!


Also on sale is the #IAmTheWalls range by Guy Stauber which includes a pencil case, pencils, stickers, notepads and postcards. If you love the phrases on the GHT flyers and season brochure, this is the range for you! The phrases reference GHT’s unique location on Southampton’s iconic coastline, and how that has changed. Decades of land reclamation means that where #WavesOnceLappedAgainstMyWalls , now #ArtistsBringMeBackToLife in this new era of the GHT story. The GHT range – also by Guy Stauber – includes a tote bag, stickers, notebooks and a fridge magnet.

The John Speed Map range

You can also get your hands on a renewed version of the John Speed map of Southampton from 1611, as a fridge magnet, notebook, postcard or beautifully produced print.

Original Prints by Local Artists

A fantastic selection of original prints by local artists Amy Harwood, Mandy Smith, Deborah Gearing, Oli Knowles also on sale. The shop units were designed by Gemma Gore.

The Pethers Range 

The Pethers range of prints and gifts lets you take a little bit of GHT’s history home with you.


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Stories Behind the Stones

Visit Stories Behind the Stones where each floor of the Tower takes you on a journey through time. Discover centuries of history retold with immersive installations, fascinating displays and stunning rooftop views across Southampton Water.

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