How we can support you on your visit to GHT

At God’s House Tower, we want all of our visitors to have an enjoyable experience and we are committed to ensuring our venue is a user-friendly space which meets and is relevant to the needs of our audience. 

Planning Your Visit

God’s House Tower 360 Digital Tour

If you wish to familiarise yourself with the layout of God’s House Tower before your visit, please use our 360 digital tour below.

Visual Story

To help plan your visit to God’s House Tower, take a look at our visual story (click here) which will prepare you and familiarise you with the venue. It includes photographs and information on what you can expect from your visit.


Blue Badge Holders can park for free on Winkle Street, which is approximately 10 metres from the main entrance of God’s House Tower.  


You will find two ground floor entrances to GHT. There are slightly uneven cobbles and small pavements on Winkle Street, one of the main routes to GHT when coming from the direction of the city centre.

For step free access, you can enter GHT through the main entrance (wooden doors with Southampton mural). This entrance will lead you into the ground floor cafe and bar where you will find a lift which will take you to the mezzanine and first floor. This entrance also offers steps free access to the artists shop, toilets and library/quiet reading area.

You can also enter GHT through the courtyard entrance located on the ground floor at the far end of GHT, opposite the bowling green. This entrance offers step free access to the cafe extension area and there is a ramp available which can be used to take you through to the main cafe and toilet.  

Alternatively, if the main entrance of GHT is closed and you require access, you will find the delivery entrance through the archway on Winkle Street. There is an intercom system which you can use to alert a member of staff or you can call us on (add phone number).

Cafe & Bar

The cafe & bar is located on the ground floor and can be accessed via the main entrance. The layout of the tables can be changed to suit your particular needs e.g. if more room is needed for a mobility scooter.

When entering the cafe and bar through the courtyard entrance, a ramp is available for the small step.

Cafe extension & courtyard

The cafe extension and courtyard are located on the ground floor and you can find step free access when entering via the courtyard. 

If you are entering via the main entrance, a ramp is available for the small step. Please alert a member of our crew who will assist you with this.

Library & Quiet Reading Area

The Library and quiet reading area is located on the ground floor, through the cafe extension and adjacent to the toilets. You will find step free access when entering through the main entrance and if entering through the courtyard/back entrance, ramp access can be set up by a member of our crew.

Stories Behind the Stones/Tower & rooftop

Unfortunately the tower and the rooftop aren’t accessible. For any visitors with limited mobility who would like to experience Stories Behind The Stones, GHT’s tower exhibition, we have two VR headsets available in the cafe area which guide you through the tower level by level. You can reserve a headset ahead of your visit by emailing us at

Project Space

The Project Space is located on the mezzanine floor and can be accessed via lift. Loud noises and flashing lights may feature in some artworks displayed in the Project Space.

Main Gallery

The Main Gallery is located on the first floor and can be accessed via the lift. 

Crawford Room

The Crawford Room is an inaccessible space due to the medieval structure of this particular part of GHT. If you wish to see this area in an alternative format, we have a 360 video which we can share on a tablet or mobile device. 

Accessible Toilet

An accessible toilet is located on the ground floor in the far end of GHT, adjacent to the cafe extension. The route to the toilet is on one level when accessed from the main entrance of GHT, and a ramp is available for the small step when accessing through the courtyard entrance of the building.

Assistance dogs

All dogs are welcome at GHT, including guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs. Drinking bowls are available in the cafe located on the ground floor and can be requested from a member of the crew.

Blind and visually impaired visitors

Descriptive tours of God’s House Tower are available upon request – Please let us know in advance of your visit to arrange a descriptive tour. 

Dyslexic visitors

When using our website, there is an accessibility tool located on the right hand side of the browser display (a dark blue circle with a person icon). If you click on this, you have the option to change the display to a dyslexic friendly font in addition to changing font size, text and line spacing and alignment. 

Epilepsy and Seizures

Loud noises and flashing lights may feature in some artworks. 

The Stories Behind the Stones Tower Exhibition features animated projections and a voiceover which plays aloud on a loop every ten minutes. 

Large Print

Large print guides can also be printed on request. If require a printed version or if there is any further information you require in large print, please contact us via email or call 07733 092 291 and a member of our team will arrange this upon your visit.


We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines. For accessibility requirements, you can use the UserWay accessibility plug in which offers the opportunity to change aspects of the website interface, from font size to colour and type. You will find this located on the right side on the website. Click the navy circular button with a white figure and this will show the accessiblity options available.

Notes, comments, and feedback

GHT’s status as a Grade I listed building means that unfortunately there are certain parts of the building that are inaccessible and facilities we are unable to provide due to the ongoing preservation and medieval structure of this historic monument. 

Our team are dedicated to continually improving our accessibility, employing our continuous learning and adopting new approaches and technologies to ensure all of our visitors have an enjoyable experience at GHT.

If you have any requirements or further queries, please do call us on 07733 092 291 or send us an email us at where we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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