Art & Heritage

GHT is a unique new venue in a 700-year-old scheduled ancient monument, with two incredible gallery spaces and a four-storey Tower. Working with historians, artists and the latest CGI technology, the GHT team have put together an amazing programme of art and heritage exhibitions and events that bring the dark secrets of this fascinating building to life.

Explore the historic Tower with incredible views over Southampton, enjoy new commissions in the beautiful Contemporary Gallery, and be inspired by rarely seen artworks from prestigious collections in the Barker-Mill Collections Gallery.

You can also discover the Stories Behind the Stones – an immersive audio visual experience that reveals 700 years of hidden history with fascinating displays, surreal installations and multimedia technology.

GHT: Beside the Sea

Our 2019/2020 programme explores the dramatic changes to Southampton’s physical geography. Where ‘waves once lapped against my walls,’ now now traffic, industry and retail have staked their claim on the former shoreline, re-positioning GHT and Southampton’s historic Old Town inland.

All our exhibitions and heritage events until August 2020 bring to life this fascinating story, exploring GHT’s historic location on Southampton’s iconic coastline. From talks on art and science to fun events designed to reanimate this fascinating part of Southampton, we hope there is something for everyone in our extensive programme of events and exhibitions.

The Contemporary Gallery 

The Collections Gallery 

On loan from Southampton Cultural & Maritime Services, A Moonlight Scene, Southampton, by S. Pether.