Friday 6th October - Sunday 26th November


by Kialy Tihngang

Fetissoes by Kialy Tihngang

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  • God's House Tower Town Quay Road SO14 2NY
  • 2023-10-06 10:00 to 2023-11-26 16:00

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Fetissoes by Kialy Tihngang

2023-10-06 10:00 to 2023-11-26 16:00
6th October 2023


Fetissoes by Kialy Tihngang

2023-10-06 10:00 to 2023-11-26 16:00
6th October 2023


‘a space’ arts presents Fetissoes; a major new commission by Glasgow-based multidisciplinary artist Kialy Tihngang.

Fetissoes is an exhibition by Kialy Tihngang, commissioned by ‘a space’ arts in partnership with Black History Month South. ‘Fetissoes’ is the dismissive, condescending word coined by 16th century Portuguese explorers to refer to African religious objects believed to have magical powers, also known as ‘fetishes’.

In Fetissoes, Kialy speculates that a group of enslaved Africans have jumped overboard a slave ship. In the water they encounter the master’s tools, European maritime technology such as periscopes and diving suits. With these materials they build fetishes for traditional African water deities. These take the form of wearable, 2 metre tall periscope suits. They invoke the deities’ power and protection by ritualistically wearing the suits and are able to re-cross the Atlantic underwater and return home.  

About the Artist

Kialy Tihngang is a multidisciplinary artist based in Glasgow. As a British-born Cameroonian, Kialy’’s research-based practice focuses on colonial European misrepresentation, extraction, and demonisation of West African cultural practices, but also on her own misremembering, misreading, and romanticisation of said practices. Primarily, she designs artefacts from reimagined histories and speculated futures.

More information about the inspirations and influences behind Fetissoes which includes an interview between Kialy Tihngang and our Curator and Programme Manager Mia Delve, as well as an expanded exhibition text and an audio guide of the exhibition can be found below.

Click here to read an expanded version of the Exhibition Text written by artist Kialy Tihngang.

Fetissoes Expanded Exhibiition Text

Click here to read a Glossary of Terms which are used in and throughout the exhibition.

Glossary of Terms

Click here to find a complete audio version of the Exhibition Text.

Audio Version of Exhibition Text

Click here to find a complete audio description of the Exhibition.

Audio Description of the Exhibition

Click here to listen to the influences and inspirations behind the Exhibition Fetissoes from the artist Kialy Tihngang herself.

Interview between Kialy Tihngang and the Mia Delve the Curator and Programme Manager at ‘a space’ Arts

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