Pre-Pride Weekender @ GHT

Pre-Pride Weekender: Within Walls / Without Walls

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Pre-Pride Weekender: Within Walls / Without Walls

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  • 20th August 2022
  • Saturday, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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Pre-Pride Weekender: Within Walls / Without Walls

Saturday, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
20th August 2022


Pre-Pride Weekender: Within Walls / Without Walls

Saturday, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
20th August 2022


[within walls/without walls] promises not to be your average DJ night but instead offers an inclusive and non-sectarian LGBTQ+ ‘testing space’, in which individuals and groups can perform identities and genders, and have a dance within the safe confines of God’s House Tower. The night, open to LGBTQIA+ and allies, will include slow and beat-less music (for expressive dance / performance); a diverse range of queer music: Post-Punk, ’80s Synth Pop, Hi-NRG, Italo, Queer Pop and Hyperpop; many LGBTQ+ artists and allies; music that expresses queer politics and aesthetics.

The music will be paired with tailored-made visuals created by sound artist Cristina Karava to transform the Main Gallery for one night only.

We’ll also provide a changing area to aid personal transformations.

About the Artists

Jack Pudding (DJ) is a mask to hide behind; a persona that allows the artist to reach beyond the art school dogma of conceptual rigour and continuity of practice, and to have a more playful relationship with material objects and aesthetics. It allows a mutability and playfulness that can’t be found in the dry professionalism of the career artist. Jack is an ‘everyday tourist’, a psychic hobo and a knowing fool. Jack is never sure of anything and never feels fully at home anywhere. Jack is neuro-diverse. Jack is queer. Jack likes to hide in plain sight. He will not be tamed or quantified.

Jack makes ‘work’ but doesn’t work. Jack is a parasite who exists in a para-site – an alter-ego for an alter-world – existing alongside the occupied matrix of everyday life – and yet, at the same time, is the beating heart of everyday life. Jack is indeed the joyous hobbiest who finds clues in the materiality of the readymade. He uses his mutability as strategy for survival; every act becomes a means of being-with an alienating world and of ‘making do’ with loss and melancholy.

Christina Karava works primarily with sound and image, and develops compositions that revolve around aspects of everyday life that are often overlooked and dismissed.

“My current pieces focus on communicating thoughts and ideas through the creation of conversations among text, image, sound and space. The text within the compositions derives from elaborate comments I write on everything and anything; it is just me rambling on about things that nobody really asked for, basically. It’s good to let it out sometimes, so let’s just talk about random stuff and get to know each other, yeah?”

This event is part of our Pre-Pride Weekend from 19th – 21st August in partnership with Southampton Pride.

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