Knit the Walls Blog

‘knit the walls’ is a community co-production knitting project, led by artist, sarah filmer

You are invited to come knitting, to chat and socialise and consider the day-to-day stories stitched into the walls and buildings which surround us.

Southampton’s ‘Old Town’ nestles within medieval stone walls – during an artist’s residency in god’s house tower, sarah wondered how we might access the lost stories, witnessed by the walls over 700 years, and somehow held within the stones: ‘knit the walls’ offers a space to talk and wonder – can we make connections with folk around us and of the past through our actions now, today? As we knit this soft, warm, protective, decorative version of the old town walls, it grows ever larger, holding in its stitches the stories of its makers. We invite you to stitch yourself into this record, and join this community as we reconnect and rejoin in 2021. 

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