Navigating a New World

Inspired by the Mayflower’s epic journey in 1620 two print studios, on opposite sides of the Atlantic, are remembering the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower with an exciting international, cross-cultural print exchange project and exhibitions of contemporary printmaking.

As part of this year’s Mayflower 400 celebrations artists from Cowprint of Red Hot Press, Southampton, in collaboration with Inky Hands Print Studio and Gallery of Plymouth, MA, will present an exhibition of prints at God’s House Tower titled Navigating a New World.  Thirty-seven printmakers will showcase a wide variety of printmaking processes and technical skills as they draw inspiration from different aspects of the Mayflower’s voyage to the New World.

As part of the Mayflower 400 project, both studios will create a series of original prints depicting the Mayflower story and its impact, along with two concertina books, which will cross the Atlantic as part of an international print exchange.  The books and original prints (which will be available for purchase) from both studios will form the content for the exhibition at God’s House Tower and a reciprocal exhibition in September at the Inky Hands Gallery in Plymouth, MA.  Running alongside the God’s House Tower exhibition will be a tie-in workshop run by Red Hot Press in Southampton.

Although the exhibition hasn’t yet been able to go ahead a selection of prints from the Cowprint selection are available from the GHT online shop.

You can read more about the project and the print exchange in the Cowprint blog HERE