Southampton Creative Histories Writing Group Blog

The Creative Histories Writing Group met for the first time in February this year. In monthly sessions facilitated by local writer, historian and artist Nazneen Ahmed, we are unpicking some of the fascinating moments in GHT’s history and the people who have passed through it.

Each month we look at a different part of the buildings life. So far we have explored the building as protector of the realm and home to the town gunners, as well as the buildings life as a prison.

The writing and format of the sessions are inspired by the different chapters of GHT’s life: From Gun Powder to Prisoners to Painters.

Browse through a number of works in progress below which are inspired by these people and places and hear the lost voice of the tower.


Gun Powder:

Deryk’s Drinking Room – Champika Wajayaweera

The Stones of God’s House Tower – by Richard Blakemore, Susy Churchill, Val Claisse, Pete Nicol, Champika Wijayaweera 

Pealing Peaches for the Bremes – Imogen Marooney

Peter Breme – anita foxall

Peter son of Peter – Val Claisse

Peter the gunner – Susy Churchill

The Voice of the Battery, The Voice of a Ruin, Breme’s Pride – Dave Hubble

The Tempestuous Peaches – Damian O’Vitch


Daydreams not reveries – Pete Nicol

Ghostbusters – Pete Nicol

The Legend of Eliza Harding, aged 14 – Dave Hubble

The Rescue – Amanda Kent

Speaking the Voice of the Stones; Powder and Prisoners – Glenda Gardiner

My Prison Walls – Anita Foxall

Prisoner Poet – Anita Foxall

Squabbling Stones – Pete Nicol

A Just So Story – Pete Nicol


I, muse – Anita Foxall

Moongazers – Anita Foxall

Henry Pether – Anita Foxall