Past exhibition: Transition by Kan Applegate (pictured)

The Crawford Room


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The extraordinary beauty of fluorescing coral colours may not be a sign of health but a distress call, a last defence against environmental changes, that can lead to death and bleaching. In an immersive and interactive preview exhibition, artists from the Vulgar Earth Collective join with scientists from the Coral Reef Lab at the University of Southampton to show what we are learning from coral, the jeopardy they are in and where we may find ourselves without them.

The exhibition is an other-worldly experience of immersion into the exquisitely balanced lives, forms and ecosystems of our coral reefs. In a light controlled gallery, living and bleached coral samples are found alongside traditional, contemporary and digital artworks. Visitors are invited to contribute to the “calls from the reef” wall with their thoughts, messages and poetry, as well as interactive and educational activities running alongside in the cafe area.

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Navigating a New World

August 1 – 16 2020

Inspired by the Mayflower’s epic journey in 1620 two print studios, on opposite sides of the Atlantic, are remembering the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower with an exciting international, cross-cultural print exchange project and exhibitions of contemporary printmaking.

As part of this year’s Mayflower 400 celebrations artists from Cowprint of Red Hot Press, Southampton, in collaboration with Inky Hands Print Studio and Gallery of Plymouth, MA, will present an exhibition of prints at God’s House Tower titled Navigating a New World from 1st to 16th August 2020.  Thirty-seven printmakers will showcase a wide variety of printmaking processes and technical skills as they draw inspiration from different aspects of the Mayflower’s voyage to the New World.

As part of the Mayflower 400 project, both studios will create a series of original prints depicting the Mayflower story and its impact, along with two concertina books, which will cross the Atlantic as part of an international print exchange.  The books and original prints (which will be available for purchase) from both studios will form the content for the exhibition at God’s House Tower and a reciprocal exhibition in September at the Inky Hands Gallery in Plymouth, MA.  Running alongside the God’s House Tower exhibition will be a tie-in workshop run by Red Hot Press in Southampton.

Read more about the Mayflower 400 programme of events HERE

Due to the covid-19 pandemic dates for these exhibitions are subject to change so please check our what’s on for the most up to date information. 




Past Exhibitions

Transition II

January 25 – March 15 2020


October 14 2019 – January 17 2020

Transition I and II is an exhibition with work by Solent University graduate Kane Applegate.

Transition tells the story of how God’s House Tower was repaired, renovated and repurposed to become Southampton’s new arts and heritage venue in 2019. Photographic documentation, taken by staff at ‘a space’ arts, is placed around God’s House Tower, to show the contrast between construction site and the completed refurbishment. Kane has produced new pieces of sculptural work made from items salvaged during the GHT refurb, which are displayed in the Crawford Room.

Kane’s practice is fed by an ever-growing collection of abandoned and abused materials and objects, discarded and disregarded by the citizens of Southampton. Working with these found things, he builds sculptures and structures that explore the notion of three physical forces: balance, compression and tension. For Transition, Kane has made a site- specific installation, built using objects uncovered during the renovations at God’s House Tower. These materials, bent, broken, reassembled and rearranged, are given a new life and a new audience in this most recent chapter of the building’s history.

To accompany the exhibition, we have published a photo book with a foreword by GHT Director, Daniel Crow, about the refurbishment project and transition of the building from desolate ancient monument to a new contemporary arts and heritage venue. Available now from the GHT book shop.