Panel members from left to right: Frogb0i, Dalton Harrison, Reverend Bingo Allison and Kestral Gaian
Ash Brockwell. Launch of Trans Verse at a poetry reading, The Art House, Above Bar Street, Southampton. Picture: Chris Moorhouse
Paper, Doll, Me - workshop with Fred Ashleigh Thornton
RKP - Drip artist and poet
Jani (Jez) - Visual Artist
Jack Pudding - Visual Artist

Write It Out

Welcome to Write It Out – the first in a series of community-led events we will be developing as GHT embarks on a new chapter to support creative communities in the city and bring a variety of local art forms and talent to the public. 

We hope this event will inspire and support your creativity, championing local networks of creative people to bring LGBTQIA+ artists and writers together. 

The weekend is open to all; the whole LGBTQIA+ community as well as writers and creatives from Southampton and beyond, and will comprise of creative writing workshops, a panel discussion, an exhibition of local visual artists and an open mic performance by local writers and performers as well as a few invited guests from further afield.



Saturday 15 May

Creative Writing Workshop led by Dr Ash Brockwell

Inspired by local artists, Dr Ash Brockwell – editor of the ‘TransVerse’ anthology series – will be leading a workshop inviting you to respond to their work by writing your own poem or song lyrics.  This unifying activity, bringing visual art and poetry together, is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced writers.

‘Paper, Doll, Me’ – a creative workshop for anyone aged 16-25 led by Fred Ashleigh Thornton

This session will introduce you to historical queer figures and provide an opportunity to explore your own identity through creating. Let’s celebrate what can sometimes be forgotten or marginalized narratives in a playful way that will give you new creative skills to take into your own life.

4pm – 4.30pm:
Panel Discussion: The role of the arts in LGBTQIA+ mental health and wellbeing

Utilizing art to heal is as old as time, human consciousness and ability has resulted in art being a tool to heal.”

“I think that creating art as a member of the LGBT+ community is so important to not only archive our existence and feelings but as a way to be visible.”

Join us for this panel discussion, chaired by Kestral Gaian, exploring the important role the arts play and have always played in LGBTQIA+ mental health and wellbeing.

Open Mic – Register to Perform HERE

From musicians to spoken word artists join us for this open mic session facilitated by RKP. All are welcome to enjoy and listen or sign up using the link above to register your place to perform. (you can submit recorded performances as well as register to perform live).


Sunday 16 May

A virtual tour of local artists work
To conclude the weekend we will be hosting a tour of 4 local artists work, inviting those who had joined us for the writing workshop the previous day to perform their writing alongside the artwork which inspired it.