My First Knit the Walls

What a brilliant first Knit The Walls experience. Wow. How exciting to be part of a community of women and men that all share the joy of knitting /crocheting whilst engaging with parts of our history. The space felt so warm and connecting, even on zoom, and brought all our energies into a space to be creative, laugh, chat and work together – to be part of a community.

The first Knit The Walls was motivating, inspiring and invigorating. The space held a lot of joy and even though we were not physically together, being connected to such a wonderful group of people felt very needed, especially after the year we have all been through.

Although not in Gods House Tower there was a part of the wall with us through Sarah Filmer’s screen, she was sitting with a part of the old stone walls behind her. If you have walked the old walls of Southampton you will know just how beautiful each stone is. It was brilliant to have a token of the walls with us throughout the session.

One of the many joys of Knit The Walls is the complete freedom of working with the yarn. There is absolutely nothing you can do wrong. Seriously. Nothing. This was an interesting part of the first session, talking a little about the attachment to patterns and structure within knitting, something we are all very aware of. The beauty of the walls is they are all so different and each have their own individual quirks, just as our knitted walls do. So the element of free knitting is bliss. Picking up a ball of wall and just seeing where it goes.

Within this first session we spoke about inspiring women in our lives in connection to International Women’s Day. The greatest part of this conversation was the amount of people who could not pinpoint one woman in their lives but many women that inspired them. Yes to all those women, the un named women in history and all the stories of fantastic women, of the past and present, that we brought and shared in the first Knit The Walls session. What power to share and connect through our own stories and histories as women and to put a part of ourselves into our knitting. What an opportunity to be witnessed by the walls as so many others have been and to be creating such positive history to be.

Thank you fantastic group of yarn weavers, it brought such joy to be a part of this growing community and it’s exciting to see what we can bring to life over the course of the next few sessions.

Big love to all Knit the Walls goers for bringing themselves and creating a beautiful community, and thank you walls for holding that space.


There’s still time to sign up to future virtual Knit the Walls sessions HERE

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